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Medicare Supplemental Healthcare Insurance Coverage

San Fernando Health Insurance, Free health insurance quoteBurbank, Glendale, Van Nuys, and the rest of the San Fernando Valley is home to thousands people who qualify for Medicare healthcare insurance because they have a qualifying disability or are age 65 or older. Those who have reached their senior years are entering a time of personal growth as they shift their focus from work to other areas of interest. The senior years also can be confusing time when it comes to health insurance. Seniors must balance private and public health insurance programs at an age when most people require more medical attention than ever before.

At age 65, individuals become eligible to receive health care insurance through Medicare, a federal program funded by payroll taxes. Medicare is not the panacea for medical coverage than any people think it is. Medicare does not cover all medical expenses, only some. The gap between what is covered and what is not is known as the Medicare Gap or Medigap for short.

The cost of medical treatments not covered by Medicare can be huge. For example, Medicare Part A pays for hospitalization, but the Medicare recipient is responsible for coinsurance and deductibles. In addition, Medicare Part B, the portion of Medicare that covers routine medical expenses pays only 80% of qualified expenses. Medicare Part B also requires the recipient to meet an annual deductible amount. In short, the Medigap can swallow up a small fortune.

To protect their life savings from costly gaps in Medicare coverage, millions of senior citizens buy private health insurance, sometimes called Medigap insurance. Medigap is designed to cover only medical services not covered by Medicare. Since the private insurance pays only for the exceptions to Medicare coverage, Medigap health insurance costs less than traditional health insurance. The costs may be modest, but the protection can be huge, preventing a lifetime of acquired assets from disappearing into the Medicare gap.

The gaps in Medicare coverage can confuse even savvy seniors. That’s why SFV Health Insurance encourages you to call for a free consultation. We work with Medicare every day, so we are well-versed in what it covers and what it doesn’t. We will point you in the direction of Medigap insurance that covers only what you need, and nothing else. You have earned the right to peace of mind, and SFV Health Insurance will help you achieve it.

If you, your spouse, or an older relative is approaching age 65, let SFV Health Insurance provide you with free quotes for Medigap supplemental health insurance.

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