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San Fernando Health Insurance, Free health insurance quoteBusiness owners in Burbank, Glendale, Van Nuys, and other communities in the San Fernando Valley know the exploding cost of health insurance can wreak havoc with the bottom line. Offering an attractive health insurance plan still is a necessity for attracting and retaining high quality employees, but the strategy only works if you can control the program’s costs.

SFV Health Insurance can put the brakes on runaway health insurance costs. We have specialized in business health insurance for years. We know the intricacies of group health insurance pricing and benefits, so we can stretch your health insurance dollar without skimping on quality coverage for your employees. Don’t worry, we are not another expense to worry about. We are happy to shop around for a better health insurance plan at charge to you. You and your staff stay focused on your business while we look for ways to slash health insurance costs. We typically end up saving our clients an average of 15% off their current health insurance costs without sacrificing quality coverage.

SFV Health Insurance saves you money another way: We remain involved with your company long after the sale is made, making it possible for your to offload some of your human resources activity. We will meet with your employees to explain changes in health coverage. We even will meet with individual employees to make sure their questions are answered. We will advocate on their behalf, ensuring their satisfaction and saving valuable human resources time. We see ourselves as partners in your enterprise.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about group health insurance:

  • Group health insurance rates are not set by law, so premiums vary from one health insurance provider to another. That means it pays to shop around.
  • You do not need 100 percent employee participation to qualify for group health insurance. By law, you only need 75 percent of your company’s employees to participate in order to qualify for a group health insurance plan.
  • Your company does not have to contribute any more than 50 percent of the premium cost for group health insurance.
  • Often you can lower your company’s group health insurance premiums by offering life insurance coverage at the same time. Contact SFV Health Insurance for details.

SFV Health Insurance understands what it takes to keep a business profitable during difficult financial times, and we are determined to help you strengthen your bottom line by lowering your group health insurance costs. Give SFV Health Insurance the opportunity to provide free quotes for group health insurance that improve your profit picture while maintaining or even increasing employee satisfaction.

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